Ben was CEO of Nene CCG for 8 yrs. He was a Director of an acute trust and has run national improvement programmes. He is a founding director and Principal Consultant of Ockham Healthcare, which he describes as ‘a platform for change’.

Beacon Medical Group shows how general practice can be a system integrator

Dr Jonathan Cope explains how his practice have taken an innovative and collaborative approach to developing relationships with community pharmacy, the local community services provider, and the local hospital.

In part 2 of this conversation with Dr Jonathan Cope we find out how the practice has built relationships across the system that benefit the practice, the local partners and the patients.  While many practices remain relatively isolated from the rest of the system, Beacon Medical Group has used its scale as an opportunity to create strong partnerships that have resulted in impressive results, and has demonstrated that general practice can indeed be the organisation that brings the rest of the system together. 

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