Ben was CEO of Nene CCG for 8 yrs. He was a Director of an acute trust and has run national improvement programmes. He is a founding director and Principal Consultant of Ockham Healthcare, which he describes as ‘a platform for change’.

Dr Jonathan Cope explains how paramedics and other roles are changing the face of general practice

Beacon Medical Group in Plymouth have introduced pharmacists, advanced nurse practitioners and even a paramedic to their practice team, and as a result are transforming the way general practice operates

General practice is changing.  It is no longer only GPs along with practice nurses that provide the majority of care, as now more and more new roles are becoming part of the general practice clinical team.  Dr Jonathan Cope has led the introduction of an advanced nurse practitioner, pharmacists and a paramedic to his practice, Beacon Medical Group in Plymouth. They have used the opportunity of their size as a practice to create a completely different duty team with a radically different skill mix on one of their sites which, as Dr Cope reports, is working incredibly well. 

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