Joe Tibbetts is the CEO Boilerhouse Media Group and managing editor Healthcare Innovation Monitor. Joe has advised many government, NHS and commercial healthsector organisations on digital communications


How sensors and a self-learning algorithm could drastically improve social care at home

Tim Jones, Managing Director of GeoBrio Consultancy Ltd, in conversation with Joe Tibbetts at the ADASS Care Apps Show in November 2015

Tim's background in emergency services IT led him to develop BenignEye - an Intelligent Monitoring System. This takes advantage of the increased affordability of sensors, is comptabile with a wide range of Commercial of The Shelf products, and utilises a self-learning algorithm which observes the movement and use of appliances by an individual. This is to establish, over a 30 day period, what constitutes a normal day for a service user. If the system detects a difference in this routine, such as an individual becoming unwell and appearing less mobile to the system, an email alert will be sent out to an assigned family member or carer. 

This self-learning algorithm is particularly of interest to potential users as it removes any need for user configuration upon installation as it will automatically collect data points once plugged in.

BenignEye is currently being tested in pilot houses, including the home of Tim's 90-year-old mother who lives independently whilst being partially sighted and hard of hearing.

The system supports modern IT standards such as publish and subscribe which results in it being a straightforward system to intergrate within social care's current digital infrastucture. The product also seeks to break the pricing model of traditional social care infrastructures such as Telecare, which currently offer monthly subscriptions. BenignEye avoids these recurring revenue costs, which are often unattractive to local authorites, by not providing a similar subscription model.

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