Formerly Director of an acute trust Ben was CEO of Nene CCG for 8 yrs. He is a founding director of Ockham Healthcare and programme director of the Practical Steps development programme


Mark Newbold MD of the Our Health Partnership mega-practice in conversation with Ben Gowland

As David Cameron launches a new GP contract for practices willing to serve a list of at least 30,000 patients, HiM offers this exclusive interview with Mark Newbold Managing Director of the Our Health Partnership which, with 35 GP practices, 200 GP partners and 275,000 patients, is by a margin the largest practice in UK. Ben Gowland asks what does it mean for doctors, patients and the future of general practice.

The Ockham, Practical Steps, GP programme designed to help practices survive and prosper while making the changes necessary for 'operating at scale' will launch this autumn. Email for a prospectus.

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