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GP Federations: creating the future or protecting the past?

Does the 5YFV sound the death knell for General Practice

General Practice is undergoing profound change but much that is valued will remain

Ben Gowland went to Confed 2015 and found that just like "scouse" - the signature dish of Confed's Merseyside home - some parts of the content were less digestible than others.

General Practice needs to justify the extra investment identified in the 5YFV says Ben Gowland

Integrated care key to recovery and rehabilitation for stroke patients

Where is the Support for New Models of General Practice?

Tapping into the potential of mobile technology can release healthcare staff from offices and give them the tools to spend time with patients at home.

GPs will envision the future of General practice not the CCGs nor NHS England

What the GPs are telling us about the Future of General Practice

Viewing the NHS through Rose tinted spectacles?

General Practice and The 5 Year Forward View: Where Do You Start?

Don’t squeeze an elephant into a leotard!

GPs gone AWOL? They'll be back!

Southern Health is no threat to general practice

The General Practice Business: Boom or Bust?

A 3 Step Guide for Developing General Practice

CCGs are Redefining ‘Out of Hospital’ Care

Throwing a lifeline to General Practice

The Strategy that will Fix Health Care

The Gap between GP and System Transformation

We Need a General Practice Development Agency

Finally! A Worthwhile Report on Future General Practice

Going paperless; it’s really going to happen this time

Seven day opening for GP practices may not be so easy to achieve

Who is leading the leaders in the search for a better NHS leadership?

Increasingly centralised control is hampering the NHS and may yet destroy it completely

Health Service Journal, King's Fund and Birmingham MP worry about "leadership in NHS"

Buurtzorg Nederland community care model. Better care for less money with better outcomes? Spotting the wood among the trees.

The Prisoner’s Dilemma, Game Theory and the NHS

The great NHS Australian exodus – Part 2

The way to a junior doctor's heart? Treat 'em mean and keep 'em keen.

More than 1 in 4 GP appointments can be avoided - new report identifies ways to cut bureaucracy and ease pressure on GPs

Ockham Healthcare launches a programme of practical support for general practice

Demand management in primary care a Pharmaceutical Industry view point

Targeting ‘unnecessary’ general practice consultations isn’t the answer

One practice to rule them all?

Predicting, and so preventing illness, is crucial to closing the gap between our aspiration for better health and wellbeing, and the individual actions we’re taking to do so.

Have GP Federations Failed?

The future of Connected Care: an impending technological revolution?

Healthcare Innovation Special Interest Groups online communities service launched by HiM

Global trends sweeping healthcare: how analytics is helping the industry to respond

What can we learn from The Health and Wellbeing Index?

Mobile technology: a new infection risk?

Health and Wellbeing: why don't we do what we know is good for us?

3D printing tomorrow’s body parts, today

Wearable health takes charge

The biggest cost to healthcare is not learning from best practice

Trusting data is the next stage of the NHS’ digital journey

Digitising the NHS: why we must act quickly

The end of the road for commissioning?

Smart technology: the right way to bring change for the NHS

Why healthcare data should belong in the hands of the patient

How new technologies, sensors & analytics are improving healthcare

How mobile apps can help young people with mental ill health

The case for next generation Wi-Fi in healthcare environments

App to provide much-needed support for those with Type 1 diabetes

Supported Self Care: technology for population ageing & long term illness

Population health management: lessons from abroad

Will Electronic Patient Records be enough to improve patient care?

Earlier cancer diagnoses requires an urgent NHS shift to digital pathology

NHS finances – the dark at the end of the tunnel

'What’s App Doc?’ The use of mobile health apps in primary care

Why the time is now for 3D printing in the medical world: Part 1

Head of health at Samsung says diplomacy in managing collaborations is their most important skill set

Focus on staff engagement to drive service user take up of digital social care

Leeds is receiving £1m from NHS England to turn the Leeds Care Record into Ripple

Boilerhouse to re-launch ADASS Care Apps Showcase & Conference as online platform and year round care apps programme

Manchester chief executive Sir Howard Bernstein stands down as ...

Connected Care Programme to support and sustain technology enabled care

Sharing health and social care records, that's where technology and STPs can make a difference says NHS

Will Brexit and yet more austerity stop us turning the transformation vision into reality

Health and Social Care integration - the dream that's expiring.

Sussex NHS cut travel related carbon and costs

Peterborough, Hartlepool and Cambridgeshire agree devolution deals as Lincolnshire, Suffolk and Norfolk deals falls through

Theresa May supports greater Bristol devolution while...

Attempted coup fails to topple Middlesbrough mayor while....